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Kurt Becker

Kurt Becker is an international expert in the areas of the experimental and theoretical study of electron-driven processes in plasmas. He was part of a group of pioneering scientists who determined the ionization cross sections for atoms and molecules, which are critical to understanding the charge carrier formation in plasmas.

He is also well known for microplasmas or plasmas generated and sustained at atmospheric pressure. These plasmas are very unstable and prone to destructive arching. By confining these plasmas to less than 1mm, they become more stable. The plasmas provide a fertile environment for basic plasma physics and for developing new plasma technologies.

Additional areas of interest include atomic, molecular and chemical physics, the development of new experimental techniques and processes, technology transfer, and IP commercialization.

Becker joined the Polytechnic Institute of NYU faculty in his current capacity in 2007. Prior to joining NYU-Poly, he was associate director of the Center for Environmental Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology from 2003-2007 and department head from 2000 to 2007.

He earned a Diplom in Physik (MS) and Dr. rer. Nat. Universitat des Saarlandes in 1978 and 1981, respectively.

He is the recipient of the Dr. Eduard-Martin Prize for Excellence in Research, American Physical Society Fellow, Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award (with Erich Kunhardt), and an honorary professorship from the Leopold Franzens Universitat.

A prolific author, Becker has written over 200 articles in refereed journals and books, 375 conference presentations and abstracts and seven patents on the stabilization of atmospheric pressure plasmas and their applications. In addition, he has served on the editorial boards of numerous journals and was the invited presenter at national and international conferences.

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