Northside Festival has ended


From War to VÅR, there’s little change in pronunciation but a big change in definition. Meaning “spring” in their native Danish, VÅR is the new name of the band formed by Iceage singer Elias Rønnenfelt and Posh Isolation label head Lohke Rahbeck (a singer himself for the band Sexdrome). The change seems more meaningful than just a move to differentiate themselves from the 70s funk band who used “War” first. As the project of two key figures in Copenhagen’s recent punk revival, this music is more intimate and open than what we’ve heard before. Their first released single “Brodermordet” presented industrial dance music that still kept a bit of lo-fi warmth, but in newest track, “(In Your Arms) Final Fantasy”, they bare a not-so-secret bleeding heart. Like early Cure or New Order figuring out what to do in the absence of Ian Curtis, this is dark, romantic music. The Northside Festival is pleased to present the band’s North American live debut.