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The Olivia Tremor Control

The Olivia Tremor Control was formed in 1994 by Will Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, and Jeff Mangum, leftovers from the breakup of a short-lived band called Synthetic Flying Machine. As relocated Louisianans, they played a key role in the founding Athens, Georgia’s wildly influential Elephant 6 collective. When Mangum left the band to find his own fame as the singer/songwriter behind Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control became psych-pop luminaries in their own right, behind classic albums like 1996′s Dusk at Cubist Castle and 1999′s Black Foliage. Those records practically ached with reverence for the forward-lurching pop genius of 60s pioneers like Brian Wilson and The Beatles, seeking to match them both for their simple, life-affirming melodies and their mid-drea, (or acid trip) randomness, ever-experimenting with form and shape. A hiatus in 2000 had fans fearing they had heard the band’s final swerve. But a few reunion concerts for the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in 2005 led to continued touring and a return to active recording in the years that followed. Last summer, the band released “The Game You Play is In Your Head, Parts 1, 2, & 3″ their first new composition in over a decade. With fuzzy feeling, real soul, and some structural left-turns that felt predictably unpredictable, it revealed a band seamlessly slipping back into their old strengths without repeating past glories. Once again, The Olivia Tremor Control are one of the most exciting psychedelic bands on the planet. (Even though they sound, occasionally, like they might not be from it.)