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Brooklyn rock band The End Men are preparing themselves for a busy year in 2012 as plans come together their first full length record, debut European tour and multiple jaunts around the American Northeast. Newly solidified as a power-duo, Matthew Hendershot (vocals, guitar, bass) and Livia Ranalli (drums, percussions, vocals) embrace their heavier inclinations to bring all new material to life while retaining threads of their circusy rock-noir beginnings.

Mixing their hard rock roots with vaudeville and heavy blues - not to mention their penchant for toys as plastic kazoos, washboards, salad forks and chains appear in their music with a certain frequency - Hendershot and Ranalli took the self-production route by calling on their skills and friends and turning their Brooklyn loft into a recording studio, where they produced their first EP, Build It Up, released in July 2011.
Its release was met with a surge of growth and exposure as rave reviews of Build It Up came in, such as welcoming synopsis from Award-winning and multi-platinum producer and engineer Bob Power: 'Holy $#%%! Tom Waits meets the White Stripes. [This] stuff is really cool.'

The upcoming early spring/summer season for The End Men involves an intense concert session from January to April in the NYC area, and a 3-week tour of Northern Italy, Rome, Zurich and London.

Build It Up is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
For info, press contact and booking: theendmen@gmail [dot] com
Twitter feed: @theendmen