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Kitty Pryde

Florida rapper Kitty Pryde probably couldn’t have existed at any other time. And we don’t just mean in the context of a genre where it’s still novel to find a young girl from the strip-mall suburbs, but that her subject matter, which ranges from Bieber aggrandizing to misguided first boyfriends to Marvel Comics namedrops (she takes her name from one of history’s most awesome X-men), seems so authentically the product of a generation documenting their adolescence on Tumblr. (Or, if it’s not strict documentary, then at least a slyly knowing, deadpan satire of teen boredom.) The self-deprication that goes with the self-awareness makes it all totally likable. Her first proper single, the synth-sleepy “Okay Cupid,” launched an avalanche of press think pieces, most bracing for a backlash yet impressed in spite of themselves. Kitty’s Northside Festival show on June 15th will be her New York City debut.

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Friday, June 15

11:00pm EDT