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Grass Widow

There are glorious left-turns in the songs of San Francisco trio Grass Widow, places where the overlapping, near-miss harmonies of their vocals cushion the jagged surf rock sounds made by their guitars. On record, the collusion of members Hannah Lew (bass), Ravon Mahon (guitar), and Lillian Maring (drums) is hive-minded in a peculiar way, their voices meeting up at unexpected corners as if it were purely natural. All members contribute vocals, lyrics, and ideas to their record, and singularity of purpose shines strongly through. They recall the controlled chaos of first wave post-punk, when trailblazing late-70s artists like Young Marble Giants and the Raincoats were redefining femininity in rock music. Moving further into pop sweetness on their new album, Internal Logic, Grass Widow are on the leading edge of that continued expansion.