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Future of the Left

There was a McLusky-sized hole left in the chest of punk rock when the Welsh trio broke up in 2005, but it didn’t take long for Future of the Left to spackle it in. Fighting on with notably aggressive McLusky drummer Jack Egglestone and singer Andy “Falco” Falkous’ furious delivery of hilariously sour lyrics, FOTL are rock heroes we need now. On the band’s first two records, Curses (2007) flirted with heavy synth-pop where Travels with Myself and Another (2009) veered back to napalm guitar riffs. Whatever else the band’s new album, The Plot Against Common Sense, turns out to be, its fierce, unsentimental advance single, the CBGB-baiting “Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman” (not to mention a tracklist full of amazing titles like “Robocop 4: Fuck Off Robocop”), promises that it’ll be built once again from the bedrock of Falkous’ acid wit. Future of the Left bring a multivitamin combo of irony and intensity, for an era that occasionally feels short on both.

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Sunday, June 17

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