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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose was a trend-setter in Brooklyn’s lo-fi rock scene for years before she went solo. The aura of assured cool she lent Crsytal Stilts, Vivian Girls, and Dum Dum Girls in their formative stages went a long way towards putting those bands on the map. She took the stage ,mallet in hand, and a dozen stand-up tom drummers seemed to appear overnight. And 2010′s self-titled Frankie Rose and the Outs proved that she could do 60s-inspired garage rock on her own that rattled and swooned just as well. But it’s Interstellar, this year’s Slumberland-released follow-up, that firmly establishes Rose as an artist to follow. Ditching guitar feedback for bright and shining keyboard textures, it presents a 80s-hued vision of synth-pop that’s more glam than gloomy, more widescreen than lo-fi. Listen to the record’s title track, how it starts with glacially creeping ambient music before running with rock drumming; how it floats in space in spite of its many layers. It’s obvious that Rose has moved on to an entirely different set of sounds and influences. And beyond an enviable resume in a defining corner of Brooklyn’s musical renaissance, what she does next is now the more compelling question mark.

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Friday, June 15

8:00pm EDT