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Cold Cave

Before his widely acclaimed goth-pop project was ever formed, Cold Cave’s Wesley Eisold was already a darkly charismatic figure of some renown, as vocalist for hardcore punk groups Give Up the Ghost, Some Girls, and XO Skeletons (as well as the founder and publisher of art-centric book imprint Heartworm Press). Love Comes Close, Cold Cave’s 2009 debut for Matador Records, won critics’ appreciation with its dour, day-glo minimalism. It recalled obscure heroes of the post-punk era (Fad Gadget, for one) yet oddly ventured into bouncy synth-pop.

It was last year’s follow-up, Cherish the Light Years, that brought both sides of Eisold’s history together into a startling, cohesive whole. The emotive yelps and rushing guitars of lead single “The Great Pan is Dead” imagined a new scale for goth music, its outsized scope informed by the powerful surges of hardcore. Live, Eisold is joined by Dominick Fernow, who, recording as Prurient, has near-mythic status for intimidating industrial noise himself. Hearing both men work in the context of dark pop is a romantic, often thrilling prospect.

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