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Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils’ songwriter Dustin Payseur crafts carefully arranged songs focusing on life’s simple pleasures: sun, friends, maybe a quick trip out of town. Their debut EP earned rave reviews in 2o1o, and last year’s What a Pleasure EP deepened their guitar pop sound with cleaner production and a slightly melancholy sentiment. The past year has seen multiple members of the band split off into various side-projects: Cole Smith scratching his krautrock itch with DIIV, bassist John Peña has gone tropical pop with Heavenly Beat. But there’s a new Fossils’ record on the horizon. As spring turns to summer, we’ll all be craving the band’s aggressive pleasantry soon enough. Beach Fossils have been described as “the quintessential Brooklyn rooftop party soundtrack.” but we’re pretty sure their chiming guitar pop will work in a park just as well.