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Tuesday, June 19


Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty, Northside DIY Competition Feature

Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty | Dir: James Yaegashi | Digibeta | 90min | USA | 2012 | English

Mid-life crises overtake a group of friends in this charming romantic comedy set in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Michael, Franklin and Lloyd are facing the precipice of middle-age. Michael, a former indie rocker, is a new dad and not sure how he feels about his life of comfortable domesticity. Franklin is a recently divorced college professor who's convinced he's a loser and no one will love him ever, ever again. Lloyd is an aspiring novella-ist and reluctant part-time notary who's most successful at eating nachos and shunning commitment from his longtime on-again/off-again friend-with-benefits Kit. "Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty" is the story of three friends who are too old to be young. And too young to be old.


Q&A with Director James Yaegashi

Tuesday June 19, 2012 5:05pm - 6:35pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249



Jacked | Dir. Aaron Kheifets | DVD |  9:45 | USA |  2011 | English

A short film about finding and having love stolen in Brooklyn.


Food for the Worms | Dir. Miranda Pfeiffer | DVD | 8:23 | USA | 2011 | English

Animated entirely in watercolor, Food For The Worms is composed of thousands of individually hand-painted cels.  In the background of a windy desert, as a sheriff and and a jewel thief duel, scorpions, flies, horses, and other animals linger in the dust.


In My Shed | Dir. Agathe Dalisson | DVD | 14:04 | UK | 2010 | English and Polish, with English subtitles

Synopsis - In a poor neighborhood of Peterborough, in the East of England, migrant workers have made their home in garden sheds. On the backdrop of the economic crisis, this 14 minutes documentary shows a confused world, where everyone tries to survive and keep a place in the sun.

Corks Cattlebaron | Dir. Eric Steele | Blu ray | 15min | USA | 2012 | English

A young protege and his boss sit down for the most epic steak dinner of their lives in Omaha, Nebraska.

Flowers for Amber Gordon | Dir: Jason Ryan Yamas | DVD | 10.25 | 2012 | USA & UK | English

Ben and Amber are as in love as any twelve year adolescent could be. Life is near perfect. Weekend traditions. Family ties. Marriage in sight...Until Amber proposes a drastic change. To enter into an 'open' relationship. Ben must pursue every option before needing to make the ultimate decision.

Revolution Reykjavik | Dir: Isold Uggadottir | Blu Ray | 19min | 2011 | Iceland | Icelandic with English Subtitles

As Iceland sinks into economic meltdown, 58-year-old Gudfinna tries, against all odds, not to do the same.   


Runtime: 75.39

Q&A with filmmakers following

Tuesday June 19, 2012 6:05pm - 7:30pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249


Boy I Am, presented by Women Make Movies

Boy I Am | Dir. Sam Feder and Julie Hollar | 70min | USA | 2006 | English

While female-to-male transgender visibility has recently exploded in this country, conversations about trans issues in the lesbian community often run into resistance from the many queer women who view transitioning as a "trend" or as an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege. BOY I AM is a feature-length documentary that begins to break down that barrier and promote dialogue about trans issues through a look at the experiences of three young transitioning FTMs in New York City—Nicco, Norie and Keegan—as they go through major junctures in their transitions, as well as through the voices of lesbians, activists, and theorists who raise and address the questions that many people have but few openly discuss.

Is transitioning a trend? Is it healthy? Anti-feminist? What does it mean for a young person in the lesbian
community to become male, both for themselves and for the community? And how are these questions
affected by race and class?

The film’s historical framework insists on a coherent, patient, and inclusive discussion that concentrates on a range of gendered experience. Situating these struggles and stories in the context of queer and feminist struggles, BOY I AM presents an empowering chronicle of queer resistance that challenges all viewers to rethink their concepts of activism and identity.


Q&A with director Sam Feder


Tuesday June 19, 2012 6:30pm - 7:40pm
UnionDocs 322 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211


The Normals, presented by Woodshed Entertainment

The Normals  | Dir: Kevin Connors | Starring: Bryan Greenberg, Jess Wexler, Josh Sayles, Matt McCarthy, Josh Pais, Dan Hedaya, Fred Weller, Debargo Sanyal | 89min| USA | 2012 | English

With a debt collector hot on his trail, underachiever Billy Schine enrolls in a clinical drug trial to make a quick buck. Billy and therest of the guinea pigs, referred to as "Normals", are whisked away to a remote testing facility where they are drained of blood, fed pills, tagged, color-coded and have their every movement scrutinized. Billy starts a relationship with a beautiful but distant "Normal" and tries to solve themystery behind the disappearance of his roommate. As the world around him succumbs to the power of antipsychotic medication, Billy takes a leap of faith to prove that life is actually worth something.

Q&A Following with Dir. Kevin Connors and other cast members

Tuesday June 19, 2012 7:00pm - 8:30pm
indieScreen 285-289 Kent Avenue AKA 31 South 2 Street Brooklyn, NY 11211


Flooding With Love For The Kid, Northside DIY Competition Special Presentation

Flooding With Love For The Kid | Dir. Zachary Oberzan | DVD | 107min | USA | 2007 | English

Meticulously adapted from David Morrell’s novel First Blood, which introduced the world to a young man named Rambo and his one-man war against a small town and its sheriff, FLOODING WITH LOVE FOR THE KID is in itself a one-man cinematic war.  Shot entirely for $96 in a 220 square foot studio apartment in Manhattan, it was adapted, directed, filmed, acted, designed, and edited by one man.  Actor and filmmaker Zachary Oberzan, performing all two dozen characters himself, has created a monumental testament to the animal ingenuity and triumphant spirit of the lone artist with no money, no resources, no nothing.  A wild, violent, compassionate ride through the back hills and caves of Kentucky, this film and its maker embrace their extreme limitations, and in doing so, ultimately transcend them. As Rambo and Sheriff Teasle hunt each other in the woods, the audience is forced to redefine the very nature of “suspension of disbelief."  How and why this story is told is a statement far larger than any story itself. This film asks the questions, "What do you need to make a good film? How much money, how many actors, how much space?  Can you make a great narrative film with nothing but your love of the work?" Completely transgressive yet action-packed and heart-breaking, FLOODING WITH LOVE FOR THE KID destroys all previous notions of low-budget filmmaking with a determination lifted from Rambo’s own infuriated rampage.


Tuesday June 19, 2012 7:15pm - 9:15pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249


Creative Non-Fiction, presented by The L Magazine

Creative Nonfiction  | Dir. Lena Dunham  | Starring: Lena Dunham, Grace Dunham, Eleonore Hendricks | DVD | 60min | USA | 2009 | English

Lena Dunham's first feature film, which she brought to SXSW as a 22-year-old, sees the future "voice of a generation" with her feet already planted in the middle of the life-art Venn diagram. She plays Ella, a college student working through some now-familiar issues—noncommittal boys, unsexy sex, creative block, this century's lowered expectations of privacy—while also starring in her own John Waters-inspired student film.


Tuesday June 19, 2012 8:10pm - 9:10pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249


In Search Of Avery Willard, presented by Outfest and Dzi Coquettes, presented by Cinema Tropical

In Search of Avery Willard | Dir. Cary Kehayan | 24min | USA | 2012 | English

Who was Avery Willard? This special section is devoted to the uncovering and piecing together of one forgotten life. Photographer and filmmaker Avery Willard’s homemade queer films have gone unseen since the 1970s. Our team is restoring four of Willard’s films—held for decades in a cardboard box in the vaults of the New York Public Library—in addition to producing a documentary about his life and work that will feature prominently in the plot ofKeep the Lights On. Through interviews, photographs and clips, we seek to tell the story of an important but now unknown queer artist.

Dzi Coquettes | Dir. Tatiana Issa and Raphael Alvarez | 110min | Brazil | 2010 | English and Portuguese with English subtitles

Dzi Croquettes, a Brazilian groundbreaking theater group, inspired the youth to resist the 1968 military censorship ban on freedom of speech during Brazil's violent dictatorship. Their innovative dance, hypnotic sensuality, humor, political satire, and explosive performances took Brazil and Europe by storm. Godmothered by Liza Minnelli (who is featured the movie along with other celebrities), the group attracted the international artistic elite as front-row fans.


Q&A with Cary Kehayan, Tatiana Issa and Raphael Alvarez  


Tuesday June 19, 2012 8:30pm - 10:45pm
UnionDocs 322 Union Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211


Take This Waltz, presented by Magnolia Pictures

Take This Waltz | Dir. Sarah Polley | Starring: Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan, Luke Kirby, Sarah Silverman | 116min | Canada | 2011 | English

When Margot (Michelle Williams), 28, meets Daniel (Luke Kirby), their chemistry is intense and immediate. But Margot suppresses her sudden attraction; she is happily married to Lou (Seth Rogen), a cookbook writer. When Margot learns that Daniel lives across the street from them, the certainty about her domestic life shatters. She and Daniel steal moments throughout the steaming Toronto summer, their eroticism heightened by their restraint. Swelteringly hot, bright and colorful like a bowl of fruit, TAKE THIS WALTZ leads us, laughing, through the familiar, but uncharted question of what long-term relationships do to love, sex, and our images of ourselves.

Q&A with lead actor Luke Kirby 


Tuesday June 19, 2012 9:55pm - 12:00pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249


Pioneer, Booster, Presented by IFP

Pioneer | Dir. David Lowery | Starring: Will Oldham, Myles Brooks | Blu-Ray | 16min | USA | 2011 | English

Synopsis - A father tells his son the most epic bedtime story ever.


Booster | Director: Matt Ruskin | Starring: Nico Stone, Adam DuPaul, Kristin Dougherty and Seymour Cassel | Digibeta | 75min | USA | 2012 | English

Synopsis - When Simon’s brother is arrested for armed robbery, he is asked to commit a string of similar crimes in an attempt to get his brother acquitted.  Caught between loyalty to his brother and his own will, Simon is forced to examine his life.


Tuesday June 19, 2012 10:15pm - 11:50pm
Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249